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Boost Efficiency with LFM-16C Modular Counter by Pharmapack

Here we have the LFM-16C Modular Counter from Pharmapack, a trusted name in pharmaceutical filling machines. This advanced counting machine offers a range of features designed to enhance productivity and accuracy in pharmaceutical counting and filling processes. With its increased vibration speed, improved track structure, and servo control system, the LFM-16C sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability.

Enhanced Vibration Speed: Rapid Counting Capabilities

The LFM-16C incorporates a new 8-track vibrator, increasing the vibration speed by up to 50%. This advancement translates into a 50% increase in the counting speed of each track, enabling faster and more efficient counting of tablets, pills, and other solid dosage forms. Pharmapack, a respected pharmaceutical filling machine manufacturer, understands the importance of speed in meeting production demands.

Improved Track Structure: Optimal Speed and Performance

With the new 8-track structure, the LFM-16C matches the speed of the older 12-track models, achieving a maximum speed of 12,000 tablets per minute. This improved track structure ensures seamless and precise counting, catering to high-volume production requirements. Pharmapack’s commitment to innovation and performance is evident in the LFM-16C’s ability to deliver exceptional speed without compromising accuracy.

Advanced Servo Control System: Stability and Durability

The LFM-16C features a new servo control system with self-detection, replacing the old cylinder mechanism. This upgrade offers multiple benefits, including a flapper free of dust effect, improved stability, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs. The servo control system ensures precise control over the counting process, resulting in reliable and consistent performance. Pharmapack, a trusted pharmaceutical filling machine manufacturer, prioritizes durability and cost-effectiveness in its product designs.


Pharmapack, a leading pharmaceutical filling machine manufacturer, introduces the LFM-16C Modular Counter. With its increased vibration speed, improved track structure, and advanced servo control system, this machine delivers exceptional counting and filling capabilities. With a maximum speed of 12,000 tablets per minute and the ability to handle dosages ranging from 1 to 1,000 pieces, the LFM-16C optimizes efficiency and accuracy in pharmaceutical production processes. Choose Pharmapack’s LFM-16C Modular Counter for reliable, high-speed counting and filling of solid dosage forms, ensuring streamlined operations and superior product quality. Trust in Pharmapack’s expertise and commitment to innovation for all your pharmaceutical filling needs.

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