During Crowdfunding Fulfillment, What Obstacles Can You Run Into?

Crowdfunding fulfillment is distinct from and more complex than fulfilling regular orders. To efficiently and promptly benefit your devoted audience worldwide, you must overcome several obstacles. The following are some significant obstacles that could prevent you from fulfilling your crowdfunding campaign:

A large number of prizes

It would help if you compensated backers after a successful crowdfunding campaign is over. Depending on the batch, color, or size, these prizes may include a wide variety of the final product. To deliver the products securely, effectively, and on schedule, you may need to ship more goods if you have a longer list of backers. This challenging procedure requires a massive staff for picking, packaging, and sending the goods.

Size and type of rewards

The amount and form of rewards can pose significant difficulties for crowdfunding fulfillment. Throughout the fulfillment process, it could be more difficult for you if you need to ship bulky or fragile incentives that call for special handling and shipping arrangements (such as 3D printers, electric bicycles, or solar panels). Shipping too big or heavy products is more expensive and challenging, especially if you’re transporting them across borders.

Cost of international transportation

The majority of crowdfunding initiatives have international backers that contribute money online. Sending rewards to overseas backers is more expensive and time-consuming than domestic shipping since you must pay numerous international transportation taxes and shipping charges to deliver your things. If the backers are far from your business, you might have to pay considerably more for delivery.

Why Us

All these issues make it challenging for you to conduct crowdfunding fulfillment yourself. Outsourcing your crowdfunding fulfillment to a dependable and dependable third-party fulfillment firm is the best way to overcome these difficulties.

Yunfulfillment Warehouse, the leading one-station service provider, will handle your crowdfunding fulfillment. We will not disappoint you with our top-notch crowdfunding fulfillment solutions and white-glove customer care support, whether it’s inventory management, choosing, packing, or sending the rewards.

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