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Build a career with unique construction management projects

Canada’s construction industry is growing rapidly. According to BuildForce Canada, one in thirteen Canadians will be able to make a living in this industry by 2021. There is plenty of room for growth in both residential and commercial construction. Industry growth is expected to continue year-on-year, and new workers will be needed to meet growing demand.

New construction trends

A growing industry offers job security, but new technology and construction methods make this an exciting time to work in the sector. Virtual design and construction (VDC), a technology that allows project managers to visualize an entire building before it is built, allow them to make decisions about the future. Green Building techniques are changing the way we build. They bring a sense of environmental responsibility to an industry that was previously polluting. For those who are more adventurous, there are drones available. As well as salaries, construction safety is increasing. Multiple reports indicate that the trend of rising salaries for construction workers will continue for at least five years.

Why join a all-service company?

There are many types of construction companies, some specializing in one or two areas of the trade. According to Buildforce Canada 62% of these companies have less than five employees. A small firm can only take you so far.

Syncra Construction, a large company that provides various pre-construction and construction services to clients, gives you the chance to get to know many aspects of the industry. You can then apply your knowledge to those that are most interesting to you, whether they be safety, construction project supervision, construction carpentry or any other field.

Syncra construction – Large-scale project opportunities in a nurturing environment for a medium-sized firm

Syncra Construction is a full service construction company that has completed many projects. These include retail and condominium buildings as well as First Nations projects, institutional facilities and office buildings.

Syncra is a successful construction company with a history of success. For those who are just starting out in the construction industry, this is a great opportunity to get construction experience at different stages and types of projects. The company’s wide range of projects ensures that construction industry veterans won’t be bored. Syncra provides a supportive environment for its employees, with many training opportunities and close-knit groups. This allows them to learn and grow along with their projects.

Services available:

Syncra Construction specializes in pre-construction, building management, general contracting, and other core areas.

Pre-construction expertise. The company offers pre-construction assistance to assist clients with every aspect of the project, including budgeting and construction feedback. Drawing reviews are also available.

Construction management: Sycra offers construction management services to clients. They work directly with subtrades and suppliers, as well as with consultants.

General Contracting:Syncra provides end-to-end construction services to its clients as well as managing projects.

Customer Care:Syncra provides a unique customer service. It takes a proactive approach and looks for common deficiencies or defects, as well as any scope gaps in a construction project. Clients are able to track and report on any issues.

Working at Syncra construction

Syncra Construction is driven to create landmark projects and extraordinary teams. It believes in combining individual strengths to provide exceptional service for its clients. It is always looking for talented and passionate people to join its team and offers competitive wages and benefits.

If you’re looking for an exciting job environment and strong ethics, take a look at Syncra Construction’s career opportunities or drop them a line .

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