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Attractive Over/Under attracts bettors, is chosen by many people with high popularity, attracting bettors to participate. Currently, Sic Bo is available at many online game portals and has quickly become the top choice of bettors. The following information will help you understand better How to play Sic Bo Details at bookmaker Nha Cai Jun88.

What is Tai Xiu, where does it come from?

Tai Xiu is also known as Sicbo, and in Chinese it means “big – small”, just hearing the name is enough to understand the characteristics of this game. Over – Under in English, Over – Under, has the abbreviation O/U. The bookie is Over/Under is an attractive form of game, the house will offer players to predict any outcome of the bet.

Accordingly, the way to play Tai Xiu is to make predictions about the results of the dice. This is a game originating from the country of billions of people, China. The people of this country love it very much. This is a game that has been popular for a long time but only really became attractive when it was imported to the US, then expanded to many other regions.

This is a game that will be based on 3 dice, each dice will consist of 6 sides and marked from 1-6 with dots. Each side corresponds to a number. Players will predict the total number of buttons inside by placing a bet on Over or Under. Accordingly, the 3 faces on the dice from 4-10 are called Under and 11-17 are called Over.

Detailed rules of Sic Bo game for you guys

Sic Bo has been around for a long time and is now increasingly popular in many countries around the world. In general, the rules of Sic Bo are very simple, including 3 dice, betting table, and dishes. On the betting table there will be many different betting options for players. You can bet on the category that you think has the highest chance of winning.

After all players have completed their bets, the dealer will then proceed to roll 3 dice. In there. The top surface of the 3 dice after opening the bowl is the final result of the entire bet. If the total score you choose matches the total number of buttons on the 3 dice, you will win. Each bet, the way to play Over/Under and the odds will be different. The lower the winning rate, the higher the chance of winning for the player.

How to play Sic Bo with betting categories

How to play Tai Xiu and the rules of this game are quite simple, players will choose the best bet category and then wait for the results. How to play with detailed betting categories for you is as follows:
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Bet on over and under

The first betting category with a high chance of winning is Over and Under betting, you just need to choose one of these two doors to start the betting game. Over wins when the score of the 3 dice is between 11-17, whereas Under wins when the score is between 4-10. This is a bet with a very high chance of winning, the payout is 1:1.

Triple bet

Triple bet means the player needs to predict the same ratio of 3 dice. This is a very difficult way to play Tai Xiu, however, the chance of winning is very high for you.  For example, if you bet all 3 sides of the dice on 3 buttons, the chance of winning is up to 1 to 30. If you choose to bet on 3 specific dice, 1 to 180 is the highest odds in Sic Bo.

Pair bets

Similar to the way you bet on a trio, however this way of betting has a higher chance of winning, you bet on any pair with the same possibility. For example, you bet on 2 dice with a number of 4, the remaining dice will have any result.

If you choose a specific pair like that, it will be 1 to 20 and betting on any pair to come together is 1 to 11. You can also bet on multiple pairs of the same pair in the bet, like if there is a set of 3 coming together. you will lose the bet.

Total bet

The way to play Sic Bo is that the player needs to predict the detailed total score of the 3 dice added together. The bet range you choose can be 4-17, you can lock in a result for yourself. The payout rates will be different, the total bet is very high, the more difficult it is to win, the higher the winning rate.  If you choose a total of 4, the odds are 1 to 60, and if you bet on a total of 10, the odds are only 1 to 11.

Bet on numbers

The player chooses any number, then predicts whether that number will appear in the final result of the bet or not. For example, you choose the number 4 to bet, if the result of the 3 dice is the number 4, you will bet. In particular, the winning rate will depend on the frequency of occurrence of the outcome, one time the payout is 1:1, one time the payout is 1:2, the last time is 1:3.

Revealing a simple way to play Tai Xiu for you guys

To learn how to play Tai Xiu to increase your chances of winning and minimize the possibility of losing money, don’t miss these 3 attractive tips:

Bet quickly on Over/Under

Double betting is a very suitable form of betting for you to bet on Over and Under, accordingly, you will bet in a way that balances your capital. This is a form with a very low chance of loss, especially once you win, you can quickly get back the capital you spent. You only need to bet on only one bet in all bets, next time you will bet twice as much as the previous time. But you need to have stable financial resources to bet successfully.

Observe the frequency

Each bet has different possibilities and frequencies of winning, bets that win multiple times will usually come back consecutively. Therefore, you need to consider, calculate and make statistics to see which bet has the highest frequency, then bet on the next bet.

Bet on who wins the most

The way to play Over/Under betting on lucky people is very suitable for rookies or those who have lost too many games in a row. This is a “follow your luck” bet for lucky people so you can change your luck quickly, from which you can easily receive big rewards.

How to play Tai Xiu at Jun88 bookmaker

Bookmaker Jun88 offers Sic Bo games with attractive, new graphics that attract many people to bet. How to play Tai Xiu at the house follows the specific steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Register for a Jun88 bookie account, deposit money into your account, then go to the Casino or Live Casino section of the house.
  • Step 2: Choose an over/under game, there are many different betting tables with different payout rates.
  • Step 3: Dealer rolls the dice, then the player places a bet. You can bet on numbers, total bets, over/under…
  • Step 4:. The dealer announces the results, the system evaluates the wins and losses, and if they are correct, they will receive potential.

Thus, the article has summarized detailed ways to play Sic Bo for you guys. This is an attractive and interesting game with diverse betting forms, bringing exciting betting moments. Register an account Jun88 Let’s bet on Over/Under now.

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