Why Choose ZTT Stainless Steel Tube OPGW for Your Power Grid?

ZTT Group is a leading provider of power transmission and telecommunication equipment. Among its product offerings, the ZTT stainless steel tube OPGW stands out as an excellent choice for power grid applications. With superior design features and reliable performance, these products offer numerous benefits to customers who choose ZTT.

Seamless Welding: The Secret to Our Hermetically Sealed Tubes

One of the key advantages of the ZTT stainless steel tube OPGW is the use of seamless welding technology. This ensures that each tube is hermetically sealed, preventing moisture ingress and protecting your fibers from environmental damage. By creating a barrier against moisture, our tubes ensure long-lasting performance that keeps your power grid running smoothly.

Water Resistant Gel: Protecting Your Fibers from Moisture Ingress

In addition to our superior welding technology, we also use a specialized water-resistant gel in our tubes. This gel provides an added layer of protection against moisture and helps to prevent corrosion and other forms of damage. By using this gel in combination with our hermetically sealed tubes, we can provide a high degree of protection against environmental factors that can affect the performance of your power grid.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable solution for your power grid, choose ZTT stainless steel tube OPGW. Our seamless welding technology and water-resistant gel provide unparalleled protection against moisture ingress and other forms of environmental damage. Trust in ZTT Group’s commitment to quality and innovation and choose ZTT stainless steel tube OPGW for your power grid needs.

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