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In cases of cardiac arrest, CPR and AEDs are two crucial resuscitation techniques. First-aid supplies and instructions must be available to groups, such as students, who still need formal first-aid training. In this article, you will know more about Mindray, a manufacturer of AEDs for schools. And some instructions on how to use the devices to administer first aid in cases of cardiac arrest will be provided below.

Reviving a patient in cardiac arrest correctly

One of the best ways to appropriately resuscitate a patient in cardiac arrest is to do manual external cardiac compressions to keep blood flowing, supply oxygen to the body’s major organs, prevent organ failure and brain death, and sustain blood flow.

Hand compressions, however, fall short of temporarily replacing the pulse. AEDs are used to restart the heart as soon as possible. CPR and AEDs are the proper tools to use while giving first aid to a patient experiencing cardiac arrest.

Therefore, a consistent and reliable AED is necessary, and Mindray is a pioneer in the field. Because of this, they are properly employing AEDs by Mindray may greatly increase the success rate of first assistance.

Rescue Effectively

To be pre-first aid prepared, if a cardiac arrest emergency occurs at school, a conscious student must cry out the patient’s name to see whether they are unconscious. Another student must look for the AED equipment before calling 911 right away.

Once you have the AED pack, activate it, open the cover, and adhere to the visual and aural instructions.

Hold the electrodes in the proper location close to the patient’s chest as the manual directs.

The AED will next check the heart rhythm and, if necessary, perform defibrillation. Observe the instrument’s instructions and wait for medical help to arrive. Visit their official website to learn more about Mindray’s dependable automatic defibrillator supply.

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