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ZTT’s Leading OPGW Fiber Solutions

OPGW, or Optical Ground Wire, plays a crucial role in modern communication and power transmission. ZTT boasts an impressive annual OPGW fiber production capacity. This includes 42,000km in China, 20,000km in India, 12,000km in Indonesia, and an additional 8,000km in Brazil, solidifying ZTT as a global OPGW production powerhouse.

Diverse OPGW Solutions

ZTT offers a wide range of OPGW solutions to meet various customer needs. These solutions include central-type stainless steel tube OPGW, stranded-type stainless steel tube OPGW, aluminum-covered stainless steel tube OPGW, aluminum tube OPGW, lightning-resistant central stainless steel tube OPGW with compressed wires, and OPPC. Each product is crafted to ensure top-notch performance and reliability.

Design & Construction Excellence

ZTT’s OPGW products feature exceptional design and construction. For example, the stainless steel tube OPGW is hermetically sealed through seamless welding, providing complete protection against moisture. The aluminum-covered stainless steel tube OPGW excels in corrosion resistance, making it ideal for harsh environments. The aluminum tube OPGW boasts uniform structure and superior corrosion resistance.

Advantages of ZTT OPGW

ZTT’s OPGW, OPPC, ADSS, and other power optic cables have achieved global recognition. These cables have set numerous records, including large cross-sections, high-capacity designs, and resistance to adverse weather conditions. ZTT’s OPGW technology remains at the forefront, continuously evolving to meet market demands.

Manufacturing Excellence& Quality Assurance

With the world’s largest OPGW manufacturing base, ZTT produces over 82,000km annually across its facilities in China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. This capacity ensures quick delivery, meeting global customer demands. ZTT maintains stringent quality control over raw materials and finished products, earning recognition from authoritative institutions globally.


ZTT’s OPGW fiber solutions embody the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a global presence and a commitment to quality, ZTT leads the way in the OPGW industry, setting new standards for performance and reliability.

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