7 Reasons to Choose a DRM Solution Provider

Although content piracy isn’t new, modern technology has made it easier. While digital content is protected by copyright laws, it can be difficult to monitor the internet for illegal activity.

Files are shared by businesses internally and externally. Many others also share brand assets and host media files. DRM solution provider makes sure that the content shared by businesses is secure and only used as intended.

This article will focus on DRM video hosts and the reasons why they are so popular.

What’s a DRM Solution Provider?

An application provider of digital rights management (DRM), is one that offers users various features to help protect their content and ensure that it is accessible within the specified parameters. DRM software will be in demand for over $8.2 Billion by 2027.

DRM solution providers offer to watermark and timed expiration of shared documents as well as subscription management and DRM license management for media files.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a DRM Solution Provider

DRM Solution provider offers a variety of benefits to individuals and businesses.

These are seven reasons to choose a DRM provider.

1. Protect Confidential Files

The DRM provider is able to assist businesses with securing sensitive documents, from business strategies and contractual agreements to employee data. They can track and control file access, while also preventing files from being saved, copied, printed, or modified.

2. Dynamic watermarking

A DRM solution provider protects content as it travels between the source and the intended recipient. Pirates can record the content and distribute it once it reaches its intended recipients.

Dynamic video watermarking refers to the process of embedding a unique mark onto the content stream which identifies each customer.

When content is stolen, dynamic watermarking allows the distributor to identify the offender, providing the evidence required to file a lawsuit.

3. Video API for Custom Integrations

Every business knows the importance of custom integrations and workflow automation. Access to our API (Application Programmable Interface), which is part of our video solution, comes in handy!

If we can find a DRM solution provider that has a video API, we can integrate any type of database, share screens and even create custom apps or movies.

You should search for a DRM solution provider with this resilience feature if you value flexibility.

4. HTML5 Video Player

An HTML5 video player is essential to how we interact with our audience, whether we are streaming live or on-demand. A DRM provider offers a seamless, high-quality, and personalized video experience for users on all devices and browsers.

5. Trackability and Analytics in Access Monitoring

Enterprises need to have detailed trackability, with exact timestamps and editing credits. Analytics is suitable for content that is consumer-facing. It indicates the most efficient distribution channels.

Working with a DRM solution provider can help us get a clear view of how content is distributed and monetized.

6. Video CDN

CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a global network that delivers content via the internet.

A DRM solution provider has integrated a powerful CDN in its video delivery services. This allows users to stream protected video fast to anywhere on the planet via the closest server, while minimising latency.

7. Assists in Securing Revenue Sources

Content creation requires a significant amount of time, talent, and money. A DRM solution provider helps content owners to see a return on investment by providing authorized access and protecting their content.

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Summarising It All!

DRM is essential in today’s digital age. Working with a DRM solution provider can help you ensure that your content is legally and properly distributed.

It is important to choose the DRM solution provider that uses FairPlay DRM, and Google Widevine DRM and can help you balance monetization and expanding reach.

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